What the Newspaper Say – October 19

The fallout after the murder of Sir David Amess tops most Tuesday newspapers, including calls to end online hate, counterterrorism measures and the fulfillment of the late MP’s hopes to have it declared Southend as a city.

The Daily mail splashes with a CCTV photo of Ali Harbi Ali walking on a trail under the headline “The suspect’s walk to the scene of a carnage”.

The temperature runs the same photo alongside a main article calling for an overhaul of the government’s counterterrorism strategy, including recommendations for MI5 to have more control over the Prevent de-radicalization program.

The Guardian Says Prime Minister Boris Johnson urged to enact ‘David’s Law’ following deadly attack on veteran MP, to crack down on social media abuses against public figures and end online anonymity .

Metro publishes a similar story under the headline “Time to End Hate Online”.

The Daily Mirror is leading with his own investigation, which he says shows videos of extremist “hate preacher” Anjem Choudary can still be found online despite their removal from YouTube in 2016.

And provocative MPs have vowed to continue meeting the public face to face despite Sir David’s murder, according to the I.

On Southend’s next status change, the Daily Express calls it “a city born of sorrow, love and respect”.

The daily telegraph also reports on Southend’s upcoming city status in honor of Sir David’s long campaign to this end, but leads on coronavirus and fears for vulnerable people this winter due to the slow rollout of vaccination reminder.

And The independent carries a similar theme, claiming five million people in the UK have yet to take a booster, while releasing a large photo of former US Secretary of State Colin Powell after his death from complications from Covid.

In other news, the Financial Time says traders predict the Bank of England will raise interest rates “as early as next month”.

And the Star of the day takes a wry look at the latest shortages in Britain, saying recent data on children’s names has shown the country is running low on Nigels.

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