What the Newspapers Say – March 8

Fleeing civilians are once again splashed across the country’s newspapers after another failed ceasefire.

The Guardian splash is Kiev’s response to Vladimir Putin’s offer of a humanitarian corridor to Russia.

The sun, The temperature and The Independent the front pages all feature different images of civilians caught up in the conflict.

While Ithe DailyMirror and Subway report on calls for the UK to take in more Ukrainian refugees.

the Daily Express says Britons will face skyrocketing energy and food bills to try to end Mr Putin’s war. the Daily mail adds that the Prime Minister’s energy supply strategy will involve more drilling in the North Sea.

During this time, the FinancialTimes leads with the destabilizing effect that the conflict has had on energy markets.

Russian president demands Kyiv surrender to Russian rule in Crimea and eastern breakaway regions, reports The Daily Telegraph.

And the daily star reports of “terrified animals” in the war zone.

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