Dorset Properties: Cheapest County Roads & Average House Prices

With so many beautiful homes in Dorset it can sometimes seem difficult to find affordable accommodation.

However, alongside the more expensive homes in the Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council area, accommodation in the Dorset Council areas is just as amazing, but at a more affordable cost.

We’ve brought you the most expensive roads in Dorset, but land register data has also revealed the cheapest roads for living in Dorset.

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The figures are based on data from the Land Registry, which lists the price paid for each residential property purchased at market value before it is registered.

Data includes sales for rent, repossessions and properties purchased through businesses.

Averages for each road are based on the median of all sales prices from January to October 2021, and streets with less than three sales are excluded.

Based on sales between January and October 2021, which is the most recent data available, below is a list of the cheapest roads in Dorset and the average selling price of a property.

1. Bath Road, Sturminster Newton £ 76,500

Bath Road in Sturminster Newton takes first place in Dorset’s cheapest roads

Starting with the cheapest route on our list, Bath Road to Sturminster Newton. This quiet village road offers an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life while still being close to key amenities.

The houses on this road are also close to the River Stour and offer lovely views over rural Dorset.

2. Great George Street, Weymouth – £ 80,000

A Google Maps screenshot of Great George Street in Weymouth
For those looking for the convenience of shopping on their doorstep, this Weymouth road is ideal

This road is ideally located in the heart of Weymouth town center, meaning all essential shops are right on your doorstep. With so many independent cafes and restaurants, Great George Street is ideally located for those seeking convenience.

A short walk away is also beautiful Weymouth Beach.

3. Seldown Road, Poole – £ 87,500

A screenshot from Google Maps of Seldown Road in Poole
This road is in an ideal location a five-minute walk from Poole’s main amenities and attractions

Situated between Poole and Longfleet, Seldown Road is ideally located next to many key amenities. Poole Hospital, Dolphin Shopping Center and Poole Park are all very close and each just a five minute walk away.

Being in a built-up residential area, the properties on this road are mostly apartments and apartments with ample street parking.

4. Sunnyhill Road, Poole – £ 88,000

A screenshot from Google Maps of Sunnyhill Road in Poole
Sunny, south-facing homes allow natural light to shine into these homes

This quiet residential street seems to live up to its name, as the south-facing houses are bathed in natural light through the windows. It is also a short walk to Ashley Road, which is home to all the essential shopping.

If you are also looking for an area with green spaces nearby, then Sunnyhill Road is less than ten minutes from Alexandra Park.

5. Bryanston Street, Blandford Forum – £ 96,000

A Google Maps screenshot of Bryanston Road in Blandford
This quiet residential street is close to many key amenities

For those looking for properties on a road that looks rural but is still close to plenty of shopping then Bryanston Road in Blandford is perfect for that. The road looks typical of a narrow country lane with equally narrow sidewalks, but as a result most of the houses here have driveways to keep the roads clear.

The properties on this route are close to many restaurants and other key sites, such as Bryanston Park, the Blandford Fashion Museum, and the North Dorset Trailway Blandford.

6. St Alban Street, Weymouth – £ 102,500

A Google Maps screenshot of St Alban Street in Weymouth
This lively street in Weymouth is close to shops and the beach

Being in the bustling city center, the properties on this route are likely to be first floor apartments located above the shops. The road is in the heart of Weymouth town center and a short walk from Weymouth beach and harbor.

While it can get quite crowded during the summer months, there isn’t much to fault the convenience of being so close to all of the major attractions.

7. South Way, Portland – £ 107,500

Located on the southern part of the island, South Way is a short drive from the Portland Bill Lighthouse. The Isle of Portland is also home to one of Dorset’s most secretive beaches and only takes six minutes by car.

The area is also home to plenty of affordable accommodation – check out this nearby two-bedroom home currently for sale in the area.

8. Barrack Road, Christchurch – £ 110,000

A Google Maps screenshot of Barrack Road in Christchurch
Barrack Road in Christchurch occupies number 8 of Dorset’s cheapest road

Back in the BCP region, this main road is located in the heart of Christchurch and close to everything that is essential in a neighborhood, such as green spaces, schools, shopping and public transport.

Typically, accommodation in Christchurch can be quite expensive, but there are still places in the area with affordable accommodation.

9. London Road, Dorchester – £ 110,000

A Google Maps screenshot of London Road in Dorchester
London Road in Dorchester is close to many key amenities

London Road in Dorchester is a quiet, wide residential street where most of the houses have their own driveways. Located in the Fordington area, it is also close to many key amenities and attractions such as the River Frome, Dorset County Hospital and an abundance of wonderful museums.

10. Manton Road, Hamworthy – £ 110,000

A screenshot from Google Maps of Manton Road in Hamworthy
This secluded residential road offers modest and affordable housing

This quiet and secluded area of ​​Hamworthy is home to plenty of modest and affordable accommodation. The road recedes slightly onto Lake Upton and is a short walk from Hamworthy Park. It is also close to Poole town center and Hamworthy train station.

A table of the cheapest roads in Dorset starting with the cheapest

Name of the road

Postal code

Local authority


Bath Road



£ 76,500

Great George Street



£ 80,000

Seldown Road



£ 87,500

Sunnyhill Road



£ 88,000

Bryanston Street



£ 96,000

Saint-Alban Street



£ 102,500

Southern path



£ 107,500

Barracks route



£ 110,000

London road



£ 110,000

Manton path



£ 110,000

Land register data also revealed that the cheapest street in England and Wales was Waterloo Walk in Washington, Sunderland, where houses sold for an average of £ 16,250 in 2020.

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