Richard Drax criticizes Jeremy Hunt’s fall statement

Jeremy Hunt’s autumn statement was criticized by one of Dorset’s Tory MPs.

South Dorset MP Richard Drax has warned of the government and opposition ‘promising to spend billions’ of extra pounds.

Mr Drax told the Commons: “I have immense sympathy for my right hon. friend, we are facing serious financial difficulties for the reasons he has explained so well.

“But both sides of the House are promising to spend billions and billions of pounds more. Can I just remind the House that it is the private sector and hard working people, through their taxes, that pay for government spending?

“So, will my right honorable friend agree with me that raising taxes on both risks risks stifling the growth and productivity that he and I both want?”

Mr Hunt replied: ‘He is right to argue for a vibrant lightly taxed economy and I would like to lower taxes from where they are now.

“I think we are faced with the need to do something quickly to restore sound currency and bring inflation down to 11%, which is why we made some tough decisions today, but yes, he absolutely has reason, there is no future for this country unless we get back on the path to a less taxed economy.

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