Schools face £2.1m funding cuts in Dorset

SCHOOLS in Central Dorset and North Poole will face £2.1million in spending cuts next year – according to a teachers’ union.

The figures indicate that schools in the region will have £169 less to spend per pupil next year (2023/24) than this year (2022/23).

In total, all but one of the 29 schools in Mid Dorset & North Poole will see their purchasing power decline next year compared to this year – according to research by the National Education Union.

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The region’s Liberal Democrats have now called on Chancellor Jeremy Hunt to find further funding for schools in next week’s autumn statement.

The figures estimate the true purchasing power of schools after taking into account increases in teacher salaries, pensions, taxes and non-staff costs. It comes after the government ordered council-run schools to give teachers a pay rise of between 5 per cent and 8.9 per cent this year, but gave schools no extra money to pay it. which means they have to make cuts elsewhere.

Overall, nine out of ten schools across England will have less purchasing power next year compared to this year, according to the union. More than two in three schools in England will have lower purchasing power next year than in 2015.

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Vikki Slade, Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate for Mid Dorset & North Poole, said: “Under this government, schools have to choose between teaching children or heating classrooms. School leaders warn they will have to cut teaching assistants, mental health support and school clubs in order to make ends meet.

“Liberal Democrats know that a fair deal for Mid Dorset & North Poole means investing in our children’s future. Parents and teachers will be rightly angry if the Chancellor announces further cuts to schools and colleges next week. »

Data taken from the website, run by the National Education Union, which was updated with figures for 2023/24 on November 8. An explanation of their methodology is available on their website.

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