Flood protection advice in Dorset

A COMMERCE body has compiled a list of measures Dorset households can take to protect their homes from flooding.

It is part of the Flood Action Week, an initiative led by the Environment Agency encouraging those living in areas at risk of flooding to act now to protect their homes, property and their family.

Since 1998, the UK has had six of the ten wettest years on record, and this year for the first time three named storms in a week.

The ten measures proposed by the Property Care Association (PCA) to protect against flooding include:

1) Install flood protection on the doors or completely replace the doors with a flood resistant alternative. Garage door protection also available.

2) Replace standard air bricks with “self-closing” alternatives.

3) Install a “backwater valve” to prevent sewage from flowing back into the building.

4) Check that the masonry is in good condition and paint with a water resistant solution.

5) Consider installing a pump to evacuate the water coming from under the building.

6) Replace standard gypsum plaster with one of the alternative types that do not absorb or retain water.

7) Use ceramic or stone tile with a waterproof adhesive and grout.

8) Place electrical outlets higher on the wall (with wiring running down from the ceiling, rather than the standard bottom-up layout).

9) Buy a pump or “puddle sucker” to evacuate water quickly after a flood.

10) Replace galleys with one that can be cleaned, dried and reused, such as a marine plywood or steel galley.

Members of APC’s Flood Protection Group can help homeowners set up flood protection coverage in their homes. More details can be found at https://www.property-care.org/homeowners/advice/flood-protection

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