Road.Travel addresses the charging of electric cars…

The brand claims that electric vehicles are the most cost-effective means of transport and that the demand for such vehicles is growing

by Aidan Poole

Destination management organization Road.Travel has introduced a solution to make electric vehicle journeys more convenient and turn travelers into high-value travellers.

The brand said electric vehicles are currently the most cost-effective means of transport and demand for these vehicles is growing, with 52% of car buyers looking to buy an electric vehicle according to the American news agency Electrek. .

Road.Travel jumps on this trend by offering routes designed for electric vehicles among the platform’s digital travel guides that take charging stations into account so that electric vehicle drivers can avoid “the anxiety of autonomy” on long journeys.

A more conscious traveler has emerged in the post-COVID world, which means road trips and small-town sightseeing have become a more popular travel option, according to Road.Travel.

The company said the more than 2,000 tour packages it offers are “designed to help travelers explore more regions, which has a greater economic impact on the destination.”

This approach encourages travelers to discover lesser-known places and spend more money on road trips, even to places perceived as “stopover destinations” like Dubai.

Road.Travel’s digital guides can be downloaded to mobile devices and then used in the car on trips organized according to the traveler’s time, location, preferences and budget.

The company said the solution “helps solve travel planning difficulties by providing travel guides to help you with routes, attractions, landmarks, hotels and restaurants.”

Current clients of the brand include Frommers, The Local Palate, Dubai Tourism, Saudi Tourism, Charge Across America, AAA, Mastercard and Volkswagen.

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