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Dorset residents are campaigning to introduce a tourist tax in Bournemouth. Many are angry that beaches in the popular resort area have been ‘trashed’ this summer.

Local resident Maris Lake has started a petition calling for people entering a defined area in Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole to be taxed.

Mr Lake said only local residents or those visiting family who live in the area would be exempt.

In the petition, Mr Lake says: ‘Every year – especially after the Covid lockdown – sandy beaches are getting more and more trashed.

“This is mostly done by outside travelers who travel long hours from far away to spend a day or two at our best beaches.

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“I call on the BCP council to introduce a tourist tax for anyone who enters the BCP area and is not local or has ties to the region.

“It would be in place during the summer season and some distance from the seafront.

“It could easily be done through a license plate recognition system and permits could be managed online and granted to family members who come to visit or something.”

Mr Lake added that the money raised through the scheme could be used for “much-needed” improvements in the area.


Wales are also considering introducing a tourist tax with consultation on the idea expected to take place.

Some officials believe tourists should pay a small fee to help cover the cost of services in honeypot areas.

However, many people who work in the tourism industry fear a levy could deter people from holidaying in Wales.

Wales has a growing tourism industry and has become a more popular destination since the pandemic. has contacted BCP for comment.

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