Escaped Prisoner Paul Robson Sparks Nationwide Manhunt – What We Know

At 7am on Sunday, convicted sex offender Paul Robson escaped from a Lincolnshire jail, sparking a nationwide manhunt.

Robson, born in Newcastle, was living in Oxford at the time of his offenses and “presents a particular danger to women and young children”.

Robson is serving a life sentence for attempted rape and indecent assault.

Here’s what we know about him and the manhunt so far.

Why was Paul Robson in jail?

Robson was jailed at Oxford Crown Court in 2000 after entering a woman’s home through a cat flap before tying her up, putting a pillowcase over her head and brutally assaulting her while holding her a knife to the throat.

The 56-year-old had only been released from jail three weeks before the attack and was on license – with the sentencing judge describing him as a ‘threat to women’.

How did Paul Robson escape from prison?

Robson left HMP North Sea Camp near Boston. The prison is an open Category D men’s prison which holds a large proportion of sex offenders and people serving indeterminate sentences, according to an inspector’s report following an April review visit of the prison. last year.

The report, released in June, said 70% of prisoners were assessed as “at high risk of harm to others” and more than half were convicted of sex offences.

What are the police doing to catch Paul Robson?

Detective Chief Superintendent Andy Cox said: ‘We are still working tirelessly to locate Paul Robson and are still working on numerous investigative leads.

“He could be anywhere in the country, and we’re really looking forward to hearing from the public with any potential sightings so we can get this man off our streets.

“Robson is a dangerous sex offender and although he poses a particular danger to women and young children, I believe he can cause real harm to anyone he meets.”

What if you think you’ll see Paul Robson?

Robson is described as a white man with a bald head, a long goatee, and a slim build. If you think you see him, don’t approach.

Chief Superintendent Cox said: ‘If you see Robson, please do not approach him or try to apprehend him yourself. Call 999 immediately.

“We are truly grateful for all actions so far and rest assured that we will continue our efforts to find and arrest him. Thank you.”

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