Is another heatwave on its way to Bournemouth this weekend?

CLAIMS that another heat wave could occur this weekend are “absurd”, said a Bournemouth-based weather enthusiast.

National media reports have suggested a heat wave could be on the cards with temperatures reaching 30C.

It comes after parts of the UK recorded 40C for the first time earlier this month.

Bournemouth recorded daytime highs of around 35C with overnight temperatures of around 23C on July 19.

Weather enthusiast DorsetSun said: ‘That’s nonsense. Temperatures just above average for the weekend with little chance of rain.

“Feeling hot in the sun, but often quite overcast too.

Bournemouth & Poole Weather said: “There were hints that much warmer conditions would return to the UK from this weekend but I think at the moment it is more likely to be generally fairly benign and temperatures are fairly average to maybe just above so maybe mid 20s.

“Temperatures further east can sometimes approach 20 degrees, but certainly any talk of the mid-30s seems highly unlikely over the next week. At the same time, little rain is expected for the gardens, unfortunately.”

The Met Office forecast for Bournemouth for the next few days:

Wednesday July 27: 20 C, sunny spells then cloudy at the end of the morning

Thursday July 28: 21C, cloudy

Friday July 29: 23C, sunny spells

Saturday July 30: 22C, sunny passages passing overcast at the end of the morning

Sunday July 31: 22C, overcast sky then sunny spells in the afternoon

Monday August 1: 21C, overcast

Looking further ahead, the Met Office forecast suggests dry, sunny conditions in early August with showers or thunderstorms possible towards the middle of the month.

It says temperatures will remain “generally above normal” in the south with some potentially warm waves.

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