Overturned car crash wakes residents of Boscombe Road

RESIDENTS were woken up early in Bournemouth by a ‘grinding accident’ caused by a car overturning on the road outside their home.

Michael Boulton, who lives in Woodland Avenue, Boscombe, said as he got up and looked outside he saw a car upside down in the middle of the narrow road with no driver or passenger to see.

The single-vehicle crash happened near the Boscombe Cliff Bowling Club shortly before 1.30am on Saturday July 30.

Mr Boulton told the Daily Echo: ‘It was the kind of sound you hear when someone drops a skip on the ground. It was a real grinding crash. God knows what happened.

“It was so odd that the car didn’t appear to have any major damage to the front or rear.”

Mr Boulton said that due to lack of space, recovering the car took until almost 4am.

“It was upside down in the middle of the road with cars parked on either side. They had to drag it along the road and the police cleaned up all the broken glass.

“How it turned out, only God knows.”

A Dorset Police spokeswoman said they received an accident report on Woodland Avenue at 1.24am on Saturday July 30.

The spokeswoman said a vehicle was upside down and needed to be recovered. No injuries were reported.

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