Princess Charlotte gave Princess Diana’s wedding tiara

The news comes from GoodToKnow, who revealed that the young princess will have the “choice of palace jewels” once she reaches the appropriate age.

They added that there were already two pieces in the palace collection that were already set aside with Charlotte in mind.

One of these two pieces includes the beautiful Spencer Tiara worn by the late Princess on her wedding day to King Charles III in 1981.

Princess Charlotte will receive Princess Diana’s wedding tiara

The headpiece has been in the Spencer family for a century before Diana wore it on her wedding day to the monarch. It had previously been worn at the weddings of her two older sisters, Lady Sarah McCorquodale and Lady Jane Fellowes.

It comes as reports indicate talks are already underway over the tiara which is currently with Diana’s youngest brother Charles.

As a source told GoodToKnow, “William is fully aware that the Earl has daughters of his own, but both have agreed that Diana’s signature piece belongs to his first granddaughter.”

However, the young princess may have to wait a while before inheriting the tiara, as it’s tradition that family members have to wait until their wedding day to wear the historic piece.

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