BIC vaccination center to close for cheerleading event


The county’s largest Covid vaccination center will suspend operations for a month from next week, to allow for a cheerleading event.

Concerns were raised last month when health officials confirmed Bournemouth International Center (BIC) was set to stop giving coronavirus injections to allow the Future Cheer International Cheerleading competition to have location.

But with Boris Johnson’s announcement that most of the coronavirus rules will remain in effect for another four weeks after the June 21 unlock date, question marks have been raised over whether the vaccination will be temporarily halted. provided by the BIC.

However, NHS Trust Dorset Healthcare, which runs the BIC vaccination center, has just confirmed that Covid jabs will be suspended from June 21, before restarting on July 19.

Kate Harvey, Director of Dorset HealthCare, said: “We will continue to work closely with NHS England and all of our partners to ensure that people can continue to be vaccinated locally.

“Alternative sites are available on the national reservation system, including community pharmacies, and more will be available soon.

“We are also considering setting up pop-up clinics, especially in areas where the vaccination rate is lower.

“Many general practitioners also continue to offer vaccinations through their primary care networks, so there are many options. ”

Although the cheerleader event, the largest of its kind in Europe, lasts only three days, a longer closure of the vaccination center was necessary to give sufficient time for tidying up and setting up by the NHS and event organizers.

Speaking to the Echo last month, after revealing the story of the impending break at the BIC vaccination center, Ian Crow, organizer of the cheerleader event, said: “We are delighted to be back. at BIC and Bournemouth and the highlight of the year for so many.

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The event gives a boost to the city’s hotel sector, which has been hit hard by the pandemic.

The NHS says the BIC vaccination service has been a huge success since it opened on January 18.

About 90,000 jabs were administered at the center.

There are currently availability at BIC until Sunday June 20.

Anyone eligible (currently anyone aged 21 and over) can book through the national reservation system ( or by calling the 119.


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