Charity rally to support Dorset School’s aid mission to Ukraine

Pupils at Bryanston School raised a staggering £55,100 for two charities and for a special humanitarian mission for Ukraine which also benefited from the direct involvement of the wider Blandford community.

The annual charity weekend was organized by the school’s head girl, Esme Thomas, and head boy, Spencer Davies, in support of their chosen charities – Willdoes, a mental health charity in the Dorset, and the United World Schools ‘Girls will be Girls’ programme. Given the growing humanitarian crisis in the country, they also held a special fundraising auction for the people of Ukraine. Local and national charities have been working in partnership with Bryanston since the event to ensure the money raised for Ukraine is put to the best use as soon as possible.

The fundraising effort paid for a huge amount of humanitarian aid. More than 22 tons of medical kits, a huge amount of canned goods, more than a hundred sleeping bags and blankets, 40,000 diapers and other essential supplies as well as a bulk supply of food for the reception centers of refugees in Moldova and Slovakia are now heading towards Eastern Europe. Personal messages from Bryanston students have also been included in nearly 400 special fun packs for Ukrainian children. Although one truck was loaded with specialist medical supplies offsite, students at the school were able to dispatch the second truck loaded with humanitarian aid with enthusiasm as the two vehicles began their 1,500 mile journey.

“Raising so much money in such a short time for Ukrainians was a very difficult but also very rewarding project,” says 18-year-old Esme. “We are delighted that our efforts contribute so much to improving the lives of so many people. I am also very happy that we have been able to support a program that helps young girls in Nepal, Myanmar and Cambodia to go to school, as well as a more local charity that is so close to our hearts.

“We are indebted to the entire community of Bryanston for everyone’s generosity and enthusiasm over the charity weekend,” adds Spencer, 18. “And students of all age groups did an amazing job helping to pack and sort so many pallets of baby gear, sleeping bags, personal care products and fun packs for kids who are now on their way to Ukraine. This is truly a case where everyone wants to do something to help!”

Dr Hannah Fearnley, classics teacher and head of charities at Bryanston, says she is impressed by the determination and infectious commitment of Esme and Spencer and the enthusiasm of all students at the school for help achieve such a remarkable result from charities. Weekend.

“This is the highest total ever raised at this annual event, which is a credit to everyone involved. The money raised will provide a real boost to the charities chosen by Esme and Spencer as well as the people in Ukraine who are enduring such terrible hardship,” she said. “With the sincere support, generosity and determination of so many people, the Ukraine Aid mission is a truly collective initiative that will make a real difference for children and families who have lost everything in this terrible conflict.

Bryanston’s team worked with UK charity Hope and Aid Direct to determine the most appropriate supplies for the people of Ukraine. This partnership has enabled the school to act as a local hub for collections for the charity Blandford Cares and to maximize the volume of aid to be sent to distribution centers in the Eastern European country. It has also simplified transport arrangements and provided the opportunity to strike beneficial wholesale deals to ensure that every penny raised for Ukraine over the charity weekend is used to full effect and directed towards essential humanitarian supplies. More than 12 pallets of aid have been loaded onto the two trucks which are due to arrive at the Ukrainian border on April 4.

The charity weekend at Bryanston was open to parents and school staff and included sponsored personal challenges, a concert by school bands and musicians, lunch for friends and family, a fashion show , a dog show and a special dinner for the students. in their last year at school. The Silent Auction for Ukraine benefited from the advice and support of Jumblebee. Prizes donated by parents, staff and local businesses include everything from a pizza night with a student’s favorite teacher and tickets to a golf course, to a stay at a vacation home and trips to the stranger.

In addition to the humanitarian mission in Ukraine, the Charities Weekend fundraiser supported Willdoes and United World Schools. Dedicated to the memory of William Paddy, an athletic and charismatic child who grew up near Swanage and was known to many Bryanston pupils, Willdoes promotes the mental and physical health, social inclusion and wellbeing of young people in Dorset and surroundings. .

United World Schools is an international education charity that builds schools, empowers communities and transforms the lives of children in deprived and remote areas of Cambodia, Myanmar and Nepal. This is the second time the charity has benefited from funds raised during the Bryanston Charity Weekend.

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