Dorset Echo and NatWest Business Support Campaign

A campaign to support businesses during the cost of living crisis is launched by the Echo of Dorset and Nat West.

Rising inflation, rising export costs and steadily rising energy prices are placing small and medium-sized businesses under unprecedented pressure.

And for many, this winter could be the tipping point, as further increases in gas and electricity prices, coupled with rising interest rates, are expected.

This is why today the Echo of Dorset in partnership with NatWest is launching a new campaign to support local SMEs through the cost of living crisis.

Over the next six weeks, we’ll be hosting a series of events and editorials bringing together leading NatWest experts to provide information and help that could save your business money.

We’ll also hear from key stakeholders and companies as they head into the months ahead

As part of the campaign, businesses in the South West can also sign up for additional expert support led by Newsquest. The Business Support Initiative provides free advice and marketing support to up to 20* eligible businesses when they need it most.

The first 20 qualified companies will receive:

  • A free website and social media health check worth £85
  • Access to specialized webinars covering all the essentials of digital marketing
  • Enter a raffle to win * £700 in marketing spend in Newsquest Cornwall headlines. *Terms and conditions apply.

Tracy Hayden, Advertising Director at Newsquest South, told us: “SMEs are hugely important to the UK and are often seen as the backbone of any healthy economy. Whether it’s a cottage industry in a semi-rural area or a tech start-up in a city centre, SMEs provide the economy with a healthy supply of new skills and concepts.

“We also saw them being incredibly adept at change, never more evident than during the pandemic. However, these hardworking and resilient businesses are once again facing unprecedented challenges, which is why we have partnered with NatWest to launch a campaign, which will provide support and assistance to those who need it most.

Paul Edwards, Chairman of the Board of NatWest South West, said: “This is an important campaign for which we have joined forces with the Echo of Dorset throw. We know how difficult it is for businesses to find current inflationary pressures, with many still feeling the effects of having navigated COVID and successive lockdowns as well.

“By partnering with Echo of Dorset our campaign will provide guidance and support to businesses by helping them put in place short and long-term measures that could help reduce their costs. Our purpose as a bank is to champion potential, to help people, families and businesses thrive, and that purpose has never been more important than now.

As part of the scheme, Newsquest will also award two of the participating businesses with a £700 marketing spend to be used online and in print. The winner will be notified by email before November 1, 2022.

Businesses wishing to apply for the Business Support Campaign will need to meet the following criteria:

  • Business address must be registered in Devon, Dorset, Hampshire, Somerset or Cornwall
  • Have a functioning website and one or more social media accounts
  • 10+ employees

The closing date for applications is October 21, 2022 and applying couldn’t be easier.

Simply register your details at

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