High cost of removing boat from Weymouth harbor revealed

The high cost of removing an old transport vessel from Weymouth Harbor has been revealed by Dorset Council – but the taxpayer will only foot a small percentage of the bill.

It has now been revealed that the cost of the entire operation is expected to be around £ 145,000, although that figure has yet to be finalized.

This cost will be largely covered by the authority’s insurance, with the Dorset Council contribution being only the deductible of £ 5,000.

Cllr Mark Roberts, Chairman of the Dorset Council Ports Committee, said: “Dorset Council has taken out marine insurance to cover all Dorset port operations; this claim is not that important in terms of marine recovery. This claim is not expected to have a major impact on future annual premiums.

“The overall cost of the vessel’s recovery and scrapping has yet to be finalized but is expected to be in the order of £ 145,000 – this includes the cost of the dive survey, the costs of the crane , ship breakage, transfer to waste, port staff costs and sundries used by port staff to reduce any pollution from the ship. The swift response of port personnel undoubtedly mitigated the associated costs.

“The cost is borne by the insurers, the total council contribution being the policy deductible of £ 5,000.”

On October 2, the FV Gitte sank, despite the best efforts of the port staff, and in early November a large crane was assembled behind the Weymouth flag to lift the boat out of the depths of the harbor, which was then carried away to be discarded.

Dorset Echo: A large crane lifts Sunen ships from Weymouth harbor.  Photo: Sam Greasley-Machin

Prior to her sinking, Dorset Council had listed the ship for sale on their port’s website in December 2020, having been abandoned in March of the same year.

Dorset Council has confirmed that it has provided details of the original owner to the insurers, but it is not for the authority to prosecute them for the claim.

Cllr Roberts added: “The marine insurers have received information on the shipowner and the insurers so that they can pursue the recovery of the claim separately. Dorset Council encourages insurers in this action but has no control over this decision.


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