Sign installed to stop 30 year parking headaches in Weymouth Street

MOVES was ultimately made to solve a 30-year-old problem of buses getting stuck by careless parking.

As previously reported, buses are not always able to get down Seven Acres Road in Preston, Weymouth due to cars parked on both sides blocking access, residents say.

A public meeting was held in the street in January in a bid to find a solution to the problem after three decades of complaints.

Dorset Council councilor for Preston and Littlemoor, Louie O’Leary, said a Keep Clear sign was painted on the road after concerns were raised with transport bosses.

Double yellow lines and reckless parking fines are also part of the next phase of touted ideas.

Cllr O’Leary said: “After years of problems with the blocking of buses on Seven Acres Road in Preston, a solution to this 30-year problem has begun.

“Following a public meeting attended by over 40 residents, representatives from Dorset Council Highways and First Bus, it was agreed that a Keep Clear test area would be sprayed across the road to monitor whether this was helping.

“The next phase is to monitor this with a view to having permanent yellow lines sprayed at a later date.

The 25-year-old adviser added: “It’s been going on longer than I’ve been alive so I’m glad we’ve started to work it out.

“Most importantly this is resident led and we have consulted with residents who are genuinely affected by the issue through three leaflets and a public meeting. I would like to thank Dorset Council and First Buses for their work and their support.

The first group said that historically there have been problems on the road there, but lately “there haven’t been any major disruptions to service here”.

First Chief Executive Marc Reddy added: ‘We welcome ‘keep clear’ signage to help the passage of traffic, including buses, but our preference is always to have restrictions which are backed up by traffic orders. highway authority traffic regulations.”

A spokeswoman for Dorset Council said: “A Keep Clear marking has been installed at one location, where parking restricted access to buses.

“We are monitoring the success of this before considering any further action.”

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