Cliff Edge Rescue at Hengistbury Head


A JOINT operation saw rescuers descend the edge of a cliff after receiving reports of a woman in difficulty in the early hours of the morning.

Coast Guard, Dorset Police and Air Ambulance Services all attended the scene at Hengistbury Head.

A spokesperson for the Southbourne Coast Guard said: “[We were] instructed at 12:54 am by the Joint Relief Coordination Center to report a woman in difficulty on the edge of a cliff at Hengistbury Head.

“Once there, we contacted Dorset Police and located the victim. We then set up our technical rescue equipment for a rope rescue as well as our complete lighting equipment.

“We quickly deployed a technician from the cliff above the cliff who then descended towards the victim. Once with the victim, the cliff technician secured the victim in our rescue strop, then descended to the foot of the cliff.

“The victim was then taken care of by the Poole Coast Guard Rescue Team and paramedics and then transported to hospital. Once the victim was transferred to the care of the South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust, we withdrew and returned to the station. ”

Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance were also on site but withdrew as they were not needed. Lymington Coastguard also assisted in the rope rescue.


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