Custom House Quay report to planning committee postponed


Dorset Council has said it wishes to postpone the report on the proposals for improving the public domain of Custom House Quay until a future meeting of the West and South Sectors Planning Committee.

This is in order to allow more time to reflect on the issues raised during the public consultation, which took place in July 2021. Therefore, the committee will not consider or discuss item 5, and no decision will be taken, when from Thursday’s meeting. September 30, 2021.

Cllr Ray Bryan, Dorset Council Highways, Travel and Environment Portfolio Holder, said:

“During one of my regular visits to Weymouth last week, and again yesterday, and after speaking with locals and other interested parties, I had time to reflect on the planning report regarding the improvements public domain at Custom House Quay, particularly in light of our survey feedback and formal consultation. Accordingly, I requested that the report be deferred from the Western and Southern Sectors Planning Committee. next week Meet.

In short, Dorset Council is listening to the residents, councilors and businesses of Weymouth, and it is clear that there are still concerns to be addressed. I will be working closely with road officials and key stakeholders to review the recommendations, possibly make changes, and submit the report to the committee in the near future. In the meantime, the impending work at Custom House Quay is outside the scope of the deferred report, so it is expected to proceed as planned from early October. “


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