Dorset MPs back Tory rebellion against extended lockdown


FOUR MPs from the Daily Echo area were part of a large Tory rebellion against extending lockdown restrictions to four weeks.

South Dorset MP Richard Drax, Poole MP Robert Syms, Christchurch MP Chris Chope and New Forest West MP Desmond Swayne all voted against the government yesterday.

West Dorset MP Chris Loader also voted with the Tory rebels, as did six Labor MPs.

Ultimately, the foreclosure restrictions were extended, backed by a Commons vote of 461 to 60.

This means that the regulations can remain in effect until July 19.

However, during the debate, Mr Drax said: “What the hell is going on in our country? Muzzled, consenting and fearful.

“After having fought and conquered one fear of the project, I never thought I would experience another. Unfortunately, unlike the first, polls suggest that the majority of the population has succumbed to the second.

“Armed with this information, decision-makers feel they can squeeze in with their shovels and move the goalposts at will.

“Personally, I am not surprised that the nation has been forced into submission when day after day, hour after hour, we are inundated with terrible disaster warnings from government advisers of one kind or another.”

Meanwhile, Mr Syms told MPs ‘we have won the battle’ against Covid-19 after highlighting hospital admission rates in his area.

Bournemouth Echo:

On the delay in lifting the restrictions, he added: “My point is that most of the top ministers who made this decision need a good vacation because if you look at the data, if you look at what’s going on in the country, the restrictions are totally out of step with the meaning of the problem.

“Let me take the South West of England, there are 5.6 million people, there are 23 people in the hospital, there are two in intensive care. In Dorset, where there are almost a million people, we have one person in the hospital.

“Yet hundreds of couples who want to get married, businesses who want to be viable, people who want to get their lives in order, I just think the balance is wrong.”

Mr Swayne said: “The government has set a disastrous precedent in terms of the future of freedom on these islands.”

Bournemouth Echo:

He added: “The government does not trust the people it governs.

“Now many Sage members – Sage, there is a misnomer if there is one – but Sage members have been busy undermining public morale, with one even sharing his vision. dystopian that we must all remain masked and distant in perpetuity, shocking shock, horrific prospect.

“The point is that once the consequences of this virus in terms of financial and health impact have long been addressed, the moral impact will remain.”

Addressing the Prime Minister, he continued, “Now I could understand it if we were a Communist Party, but it is the party that has inherited the true wisdom of the Whig tradition.

“It was Margaret Thatcher’s party that said that freedom was indivisible, it was the party that only recently elected a leader that they believed, that we believed, was a libertarian, there are many things we’re going to have to think about. ”


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