Dorset Weather: When will it stop raining? Latest weather forecast


MORE rain showers are on their way to Dorset this week after the county was hit with wet weather this weekend.

Dorset has seen rainy and windy weather in recent days, with further heavy rain showers on Sunday evening and overnight.

The prolonged wet spell has left many wondering when the weather will improve – especially with coronavirus restrictions on relaxing the mix outdoors.

According to the Met Office, Monday May 24 will see further rain showers throughout the morning and evening.

A weather forecast from the weather forecaster reads: “During the morning, scattered showers spread through the area, locally heavy and thunderstorm, with flashes of sunshine in between.

“The showers continue in the afternoon and evening with a blustery wind. Maximum temperature 14 ° C. ”

More rain showers are forecast for Tuesday, May 25, but they will be infrequent. The sun will soon follow the rains, with a sunny but cloudy weather forecast for the rest of the week.

A forecast for Tuesday through Thursday reads: “Sunny rains and scattered showers Tuesday, with clouds and possibly rain over the far southwest.”

“Long periods of sun Wednesday and Thursday with the possibility of a few showers.”


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