Hardy’s Hop House pub in Weymouth closes due to staff shortage


A BAR in Weymouth town center, open for less than two years, has temporarily closed – while the venue manager has confirmed his departure.

Hardy’s Hop House on St Thomas Street closed over the weekend due to an “incredible” staff shortage, according to tenant and outgoing manager Keith Foose.

Hardy’s, whose owners have said Marston is closed “temporarily”, is the latest company to be hit hard by the staff shortage.

Hardy’s Hop House, in St Thomas Street, Weymouth. Photo: Sam McKeown

Marston’s has confirmed that a new tenant has been appointed, but could not confirm when it will reopen.

Mr Foose, who opened Hardy’s in February 2020, said he would step down next week after admitting the lockdown caused him to “lose his passion” for the job.

He said: “We opened in February of last year just before the first lockdown – and looking back, it was a difficult time. Since the full reopening, we have struggled to recruit staff. incredibly difficult and my team is exhausted. ”

However, Mr Foose said it had not all been gloomy. He said there were a lot of positives to take from the previous 18 month period.

Dorset Echo:

“The Eat Out to Help Out program has worked well and Euro 2020 has created an incredible atmosphere at Hardy’s,” he said.

“Running the bar allowed me to meet a lot of new people.

“It’s a bar that’s in a prime location and has the potential to be awesome and I want it to thrive, but the pandemic has taken away my passion for the industry.”

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Mr. Foose also runs Naughty Forks Desserts in St Thomas Street. He said quitting his job at the bar would give him more time to develop his dessert business.

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Dorset Echo: Keith Foose outside Naughty Fork Desserts in St Thomas St, Weymouth Photo: Ellie MaslinKeith Foose outside Naughty Fork Desserts in St Thomas St, Weymouth Photo: Ellie Maslin

Hardy’s closure comes after another business on the same street – Funkin Fries – has closed, with its former owners blaming it for its disappearance due to the staff crisis.

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Other businesses across Dorset have been forced to close because they have been unable to recruit staff amid the coronavirus pandemic, which has been blamed on strict government guidelines.

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Craig Oakes, chairman of the Weymouth & Portland Chamber of Commerce, said: “This season has been totally different from last at Weymouth and Portland.

“This was the year of shortages in many ways – staff shortage, raw material shortage and overseas vacation shortage. The conditions this season have created a perfect storm.

“Due to an influx of visitors who would normally take overseas trips and the fact that many of the staff were still on leave, this has just ended.

“It has, however, boosted the local economy and may mean that we are seeing these new visitors coming back or choosing to invest here.

“It’s pretty amazing how many people have survived shortages without showing any major signs of stress.

“It can go on for a long time, but the bubble can burst now that many countries have just gone ‘green’.

“Like Keith says, I’m sure someone will take over Hardy’s Hop House. It’s in a prime location.”

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