Joe Wicks rescued at Lulworth


BODYCOACH superstar Joe Wicks thanked an environmental activist for “saving his life” after his jet board broke and he got stuck on rocks in a spot of beauty.

The Youtube sensation struggled yesterday during a visit to Lulworth with his wife, Rosie, to celebrate her 36th birthday.

The couple went out to sea on their boards, but Joe’s board motor then flooded, forcing him to scramble over nearby rocks.

He frantically waved to a passing boat asking for help and was spotted by environmental activist Oly Rush, 36, a plasterer from Poole, on his ship Sea Rex.

Oly had been walking the coastline with other members of his group Clean Jurassic Coast picking up trash from the water when he heard Joe’s cries of “Help! SOS ‘.

Due to the rocky coast, Joe had to swim a short distance to Oly’s boat that brought him back to Lulworth.

His wife Rosie was not with them as she had gone for help, so they were reunited later.

Oly, who recently set the world record for swimming around the Isle of Wight in 15 hours and nine minutes, said: “We were on a clean beach on my boat, Sea Rex, with others from Clean Jurassic Coast, when we noticed this. guy waving at us from the rocks.

Photo of Oly Rush and Joe Wicks: BNPS

“As I got closer, I said, ‘Wait, I don’t recognize you? You’re Joe Wicks!’ It was completely hit and miss.

“He had a little jet board that he had taken from Lulworth to Durdle Door but the engine filled with water.

“It was his birthday and he was visiting Dorset with his wife.

“He swam to our boat because we couldn’t get close to the rocks and he jumped in and we got him back to Lulworth. His wife had gone for help.”

Speaking on Instagram, Joe called Oly a “hero.”

He said, “I waved to these guys passing by and said, ‘Help, SOS!’

“And these guys who are here cleaning up all the trash came to get me – so thank you Oly for saving my life.

“Rosie just left me. We are on our way back to Lulworth Cove so we made it there. The board is struggling.

As he approached Lulworth Cove he shouted, “Rosie, you can cancel the search party, I’m alive.”

After being rescued, Joe returned to his board and posted a video on Instagram.


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