Modern three story approved on Dorset Street, but with the expectation that it might look less like a three story

The Zoning Appeal Board on Tuesday approved the construction of a modern three-story building in 34 Dorset Street, but on the condition that the BPDA designers work with the developer to add a sloping roof and maybe some dormers to make it look more like most of the other houses on the street – and even the subdivision on the other side. across the street.

Although two neighbors have said they support developer Adam Sarbaugh’s proposal, more than 100 other neighboring residents have signed a petition opposing the proposal. A resident who testified said neighbors thought the building would be too tall – it would be the second tallest on the street – and added that aesthetically the building just wouldn’t fit on a street with roofs. mostly inclined.

She noted that even the Bellflower apartments across the street have pitched roofs. However, the new three-unit building would be next to an existing three-story.

Sarbaugh’s attorney Nick Zozula said he was not sure why Sarbaugh opted for a flat roof, but said it was likely so he could get full living space on the third floor, this which might not be possible with a sloped roof without requiring another variance, for the total height.

The council unanimously approved the plans. Member Joe Ruggiero moved approval subject to BPDA design review. He said the space problem could be solved with a combination of a pitched roof and dormers.

The proposal provides for three parking spaces.

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