Weymouth man arrested on suspicion of allotment brawl


A PENSIONER was arrested on suspicion of a fight after apparently ‘brandishing a knife’ against two people on a housing estate in Weymouth.

Police were called on Tuesday after the man allegedly threatened people while in possession of a knife in the White Roughet housing estates on Barclay Road.

The retiree, from Weymouth, was arrested on suspicion of a brawl and released under investigation while police continue to investigate.

A Dorset Police spokesperson said: “Dorset Police received at 12 noon on Tuesday 25 May a report of an altercation in the housing estates of Barclay Road in Weymouth.

“It is reported that a man was threatening while in possession of a knife.

“No injuries were reported. A knife was seized.

“Officers were present and a 74-year-old man from Weymouth was arrested on suspicion of a fight. He was released under investigation as investigations continue.”

David Jones, an estate owner at the site, was the person who called the police.

He said, “Myself and another owner of the subdivision went to talk to the man and he came out flying out of his shed wielding a 10 inch dagger.

“He was only two feet away from us and if he had rushed forward or stumbled, it could have been really mean – I could have been lying on the dead ground.

“He seemed to calm down after that and went to put the knife away so I went to call the police to tell them what had happened.

“While I was coming home he threatened to hit me with a shovel four times. Soon after, the police arrived and arrested him.

He added: “It’s such a shame that things like this are happening.”

Councilor Alex Fuhrmann, who represents the Westham East neighborhood, said: “I do not know the details of the police investigations, so I will not comment on the details.” However, we had Covid, the port railing fiasco, people need insurance for flowerpots and now knives are drawn on people in housing estates.

“I just hope this hasn’t gotten too serious and the police can resolve the incident quickly.”


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