Parkway Farm commercial site expansion plans, Dorchester


More business units are planned at the Duchy of Cornwall’s Parkway Farm business site in Dorchester.

The 21 units, between Middle Farm Way and the town bypass, could provide increased employment for the area, if agreed.

It is from Jade-Aden Services Ltd, based at Holton Heath Trading Park in Poole, and is similar to an application submitted in 2019 by another company that got clearance but was not built.

The new units are to be in a style similar to those already there – red brick with black wood siding, and range in size from 93 square meters to 166 square meters, arranged in terraces with an individual unit. Each could add a mezzanine if needed.

The 0.6 hectare site planning application estimates that around 68 additional parking spaces could be made adjacent to the units, with a dozen or more spaces for bicycles.

Documents with the request to Dorset Council indicate that the design follows Duchy criteria for the third phase of the area, with the buildings being mostly placed around the perimeter of the plot with all units terraced except one. Everyone will have disabled access.

The previous request, which was broadly similar to the current one, was supported by Dorchester City Council and raised no objections, although a writer requested an archaeological investigation at the site.

It got full planning consent, with some later minor modifications approved, but then got caught up in the pandemic and was not built.

The full application, P / FUL / 2021/00684, can be found on the Dorset Council website with public comments open until 28 June.

According to the Duchy of Cornwall website, work began at Poundbury in October 1993 and when completed in 2025/26 it will house 5,000 people and provide more than 2,000 jobs.

By the time of the 20th anniversary, it already had 140 companies, employing 1,650 people at the time.


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