Take part in the Litter Free Dorset challenge and clean up the trash

Residents of DORSET are encouraged to participate in a County Cleanup Challenge.

In June, Litter Free Dorset wants to give everyone the chance to improve their local area at a time that is convenient for them.

This community campaign initiative is supported by Queen Mary University of London and co-funded by the Interreg France (Channel) England program through the Preventing Plastic Pollution (PPP) project.

Dr Iwan Jones, PPP Project Manager at Queen Mary University, London, said: “Taking part in the challenge can help shed light on your local environment, but providing us with your data can help us develop solutions to the pollution problem. plastic, which can then be used across the canal area as well as further afield. ”

From Saturday May 1 through Monday May 17, Dorset residents can register to participate in the Litter Free Dorset Challenge which runs throughout June.

Those who register for a challenge of their choice will receive a litter catcher, t-shirt and scale.

They will also be able to contribute their data on waste collection to the citizen science project of Prevent Plastic Pollution.

By participating, individuals will benefit local wildlife by reducing the impacts of plastic pollution and will have the opportunity to provide data on the amount and / or types of waste collected to help develop solutions to tackle plastic pollution in the future. long term.

Litter Free Dorset Coordinator Sophie Colley said: “Garbage collection has been proven to improve your fitness and well-being. This is due to being outside, exploring new places, and meeting new people along the way.

Along with the challenge, Litter Free Dorset created a Facebook group for participants to share their progress and receive support from each other as well as the public.

To join the Facebook group visit https://www.facebook.com/groups/145548897506548 and to register for the challenge visit: https://www.dorsetcoasthaveyoursay.co.uk/the-litter-free-dorset-challenge

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