Six more beach huts have been agreed for Lyme Regis

SIX new beach cabins have been agreed for Cart Road, Marine Parade, Lyme Regis, including one accessible to people with reduced mobility.

The City Council’s request received the blessing of Dorset Council.

Each of the wooden huts will be traditional in design, painted white and with pastel colored doors under a felt roof.

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The new cabins will extend the existing line westward almost directly in front of the waterfront games room, near the public washrooms.

City council said the additional huts would bring the total number along the section of Cart Road to 73.

The city currently rents 36 huts, either annually, weekly or daily, for locals, which are at reduced prices, and for passing tourists. There is also the Axminster / Lyme Cancer charity hut and the largest disabled hut in Dorset Parent Carer Council at the west end. The rest of the huts are private property, paying land rent to the town hall.

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The city council’s request for planning permission indicates that there is still a very strong demand for the cabins, whether to buy or to rent and that they are all registered on waiting lists.

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